What Fitness Component Is Push Ups?

What Fitness Component Is Push Ups?

Push ups are a type of strength training exercise that primarily target the muscles in the chest

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Push-ups are one of the most effective and basic exercises that anyone can do for overall body fitness. Push-ups strengthen multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including the chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominal muscles and back. Push-ups are a type of calisthenic exercise that provide many components of fitness.

Strength and Power

The primary fitness component of a push-up is developing strength and power. All the muscles used during the exercise must work to lift and lower the body against gravity. Over time, the intensity, duration and quality of the muscle contractions can be increased to make the push-ups more difficult to execute.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Push-ups can also provide a cardiovascular challenge when done at a faster pace and higher repetition. A higher heart rate can be achieved as a result of the exercise, therefore offering a greater cardiovascular endurance workout. This type of push-up can also elevate the breathing rate, which is a good way to increase overall endurance and fitness.


The muscles used during push-ups also become more flexible and improve in range of motion. This is particularly true if a full range of motion is executed with each push-up, such as touching your chest to the floor. Flexibility and range of motion can clearly be beneficial to everyday movements and activities.

Balance and Coordination

As the muscles become stronger, they also become more capable of stabilizing the body in different positions. Push-ups can work this stabilizing ability, strengthening muscles that are necessary for balance and coordination. Push-ups can also help develop strength and coordination in the small muscles of the hands and wrists.

Push-ups are a great exercise for providing several different components of fitness. Not only do push-ups develop strength, power, endurance and flexibility, but they can also improve balance and coordination. Regardless of the reasons why someone chooses to do push-ups, they are a great exercise for overall body fitness.