Can Fitness Trackers Cause Muscle Pain?

Can Fitness Trackers Cause Muscle Pain?


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The rise of fitness trackers and wearables has given us a chance to monitor our workouts better than ever before. We can now check how many steps we’ve taken, measure the intensity of our workouts, and even track our heart rate. Unfortunately, not all of these tracking devices are without their drawbacks. Some have been linked to causing muscle pain and discomfort.

One of the main ways fitness trackers can cause muscle pain is by providing inaccurate measurements. Many wearables calculate heart rate by using LED light sensors which track the color of the skin. If the user sweats a lot or the sensors become blocked, the reading could be inaccurate and lead to an incorrect measure of how hard the person is working. This can result in the user pushing themselves too hard and causing muscle pain.

Another way fitness trackers can lead to pain is by providing information that does not take the user’s individual fitness level into consideration. For example, a fit person will naturally have a higher heart rate than someone who is just starting out. If the user reads their tracker but does not adjust their workout for their current level, they could be over-exerting themselves and causing pain.

Finally, fitness trackers can cause discomfort if the user does not switch them out as needed. As the user becomes more fit, they should be able to continue tracking their progress while adjusting the settings and targets of the tracker. If the user doesn’t make these changes, they can end up pushing themselves too hard and causing pain.

How To Avoid Pain From Fitness Trackers

The best way to avoid pain from fitness trackers is to follow the instructions carefully and take note of the device’s readings. Consider your own fitness level when looking at the readings from a tracker and adjust your workouts accordingly. If the readings do not seem accurate, it may be time to switch out the device and get a more accurate one. Finally, remember to keep the device clean and free from sweat or dirt buildup.

Fitness trackers can certainly be beneficial and help us track our workouts better than ever before. However, it is important to stay aware of how the device is working and take measures to make sure your workouts are safe and effective. By doing this, you can help prevent muscle pain and ensure you get the most out of your workouts.