The Relationship Between Health and Fitness

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We’re all guilty of it. “Alright, we have three months until our Jamaican vacations!” your pal says. Let’s get this party started!” You’ve both agreed to begin a fitness routine and have been going full throttle for the past three months. You’re both committed, and you haven’t missed a sweat session since you began. You’ve been eating better, feeling fantastic, and making progress toward your goal. Everything is going swimmingly until vacation arrives.

Bam! Was all that effort truly for a week-long trip to Jamaica to look good? This is a form of unreasonable goal-setting that might harm your relationship with fitness. So, how do we change our mindset so that working out isn’t simply about getting in shape for that trip to Jamaica or having a physique like Jessica Biel‘s?


Your health and fitness are your first priority. And as we all know, they are a key factor in determining how long you live – as well as how much you enjoy your life. The relationship between health and fitness can be summarized as follows:

  1. Change the way you think about exercise.

It should not be a chore to exercise. It should be a release; a release both physically and mentally from a bad day at work or from that test you think :you blew. Maybe the workout doesn’t have to be all “go hard or go home”; what if it’s just a little walk on the treadmill or outside to clear your mind? Working out as a means to an end (such as preparing for a trip or a class reunion) adds a lot of self-imposed pressure and a built-in stop point. If you start out too hard, the increased pressure can put you at danger of injury. Why would you want to add that to all of your other worries? It may take some time to develop a favorable relationship with exercise, but it will be worthwhile in the long term.

  1. Find a workout that brings you joy.

One of your friends swears by hot yoga, whereas the rest of your buddies exclusively go to their CrossFit gym. You try both paths and despise them, yet you stick with them because, after all, that’s what friends do, right? WRONG. You must discover what makes you tick. Don’t do hot yoga just because it’s your BFF’s favorite thing to do if it’s not your thing. Perhaps you enjoy taking leisurely walks or jogs through the park or power lifting.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I know it’s scary, but staying in your comfort zone won’t get you anywhere. It also doesn’t assist us in determining what we enjoy, and it surely doesn’t assist us in improving. Perhaps you can locate a friend to accompany you to your first spin class to make it less intimidating. Get out of your comfort zone, try something new, re-evaluate, and figure out what works best for you, whatever it takes! If you have access to a gym or a corporate fitness center, speak with the staff to broaden your horizons on fun ways to exercise.

  1. Exercise can help you get a hold on your relationship.

We now understand that “having the perfect figure” or “getting ripped for vacation” is not a healthy workout relationship. A healthy connection with exercise is one in which it is used to unwind, feel good, and/or as a lifelong passion. If you decide three months before Jamaica that you want to look like Jennifer Aniston, trust me, you won’t stick with it. Your objectives must be feasible and healthy, as well as distinctive to you.

Exercise should neither be a quick treatment for a problem, nor should it be a chore every time you put on your gym shoes. If you despise moving your body, try a different method. It should be a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle decision for you. 

Vincent Wright