Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In reference to Privacy the use of “personal information” on this website, the term relates to any information that discloses identity, in part or whole. Health Fitness 4 Me gathers only information that you, the user permit to disclose, such as email addresses. Whilst using this website, we do not collect any personal information relating to you.

Personal Information

Personal information that is submitted by you to Health Fitness 4 me the user will be in the context to which they have been submitted. We do not share information about you to third parties. We do not sell your information to third parties. We do not share information without your permission unless it is required by law or public safety.
Personal information collected through Health Fitness 4 Me website will assist in improving it. In order to do so we may collect non-identifiable data, for example, demographic information, use cookies and record your IP address, to analyze our processes.


The cookies used by some outside advertisers on our site are wholly owned by these parties.  We, therefore, have no jurisdiction over the information collect this way.


Please note that all comments placed in the any of the website articles or pages will be held in moderation and will require approval from authors or administrators before these comments are published. When published the information you have provided in the comment will be public and by leaving a comment you agree to you comment being published for public use. As a quality control measure, comments containing more than two links are automatically regarded as Spam and are not published on this site. You may leave a link to your site or blog through the “comments”, however Author’s or Administrators will still need to approve these comments before publishing to ensure that laws are obeyed.

Users of Health Fitness 4 Me

As a user on this website, you possess control over the personal information that we store in relation to you. You control the right to contact us to access this information for deletions or corrections. In respect to personal privacy, we may require some personal identification before we can administer access to information relating to you, before it can be altered. We at hope that this information assists you in relation to Privacy.

If you have any further any further concerns about your privacy please contact us through the “Contact Us” Page

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